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Read Bill Robinet's exciting books: By The Skin of My Teeth, A Cropduster's Story and For All The Wrong Reasons.

By The Skin of My Teeth
is an autobiographical account of Bill Robinet's cropdusting flying experiences in the 1950s.

For All The Wrong Reasons is a novel about the various experiences of Bill Robinet and others learning to fly in the 1940s in Phoenix, Arizona.
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We have added two new excellent books: "True Aviation Chronicles" and "The Engineering Years, Confessions of a Reluctant Engineer" These books are available on or from Billville Press for $15.00 each.
"I fed in the remaining throttle on their signal which could be described as a sweeping "come along" gesture and which all three loaders made at the same time. I released my brakes and concentrated on the left side of the runway leaving the tail down for an extra long time for better ground control because the runway was only 35 to 40 feet wide. As the tail worked its way up into level flight, I shifted my gaze toward the nose to line up on a point in the distance. In gross disbelief, I saw a huge 450 HP N3N like mine bearing down on me."
Find out about this accident and much more!